A note from Kayce Mae Penn, founder and CEO: 

I built this company on a promise. At 22 I left an abusive relationship with two children under the age of 2. In the following years, I would work full time and attend school full time. I faced numerous inhumane behavior and dispassionate leadership in the workplace. Upon graduating college, I had the honor of becoming our class speaker. In that speech, I made a promise to myself and to the people that I would build the company I wish I had as struggling young parent. A company that would do more than turn profit, it would do good and be good. 

A sustainable event production company creating the most eco-friendly weddings and events. Our mission is to change the world through the art of celebration. Protecting our people, planet and communities one event at a time. 

We work with socially conscious  couples who believe in doing the right thing by themselves, their families, their loved ones, their community and the planet. 

kay mae design

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Sharing that experience with your family, friends, and fur babies is of the upmost importance. 

an amazing tribe


Creating a spectacular experience to celebrate who you are together. 

incredible planning


It all began when one of you stole the other's french fries. 

a strong love story


We know you think your person is easy on the eyes! 

a gorgeous partner


You're living a full life spilling at the rim with a flourishing career, a pup or two, an amazing set of family and friends you can count on, and now the right partner. 
The two of you seek adventure, always finding a new speak-easy, shop, city or restaurant to experience together. Camping, hiking, sight seeing and travel are all apart of the journeys that brought you two together. You respect their introverted selves, their dry sense of humor and determination to succeed. They respect your extroverted self, your spontaneity, and your ability to be the life of the party. 
Together you make each other better. Together, you are compassionate for life and people in it. Now, you seek to create a wedding reflective of the marriage you intend to have - long lasting, sustainable, and generous. 

what makes a kay mae design couple

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