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We'll provide the steps and our expert advice along the way. We'll provide the options you have and point you to the right vendors, artists, and more who can bring your event vision to life. 

it's a collaboration.

How do I work with a planner?

Are you the right planner for me?

we plan celebrations for those who deeply care. 

Just like you hire professionals (doctors, carpenters, electricians, etc) for other areas in your life, planning a wedding is no different and you should hire an expert to help you plan and manage the details of the best day of your life. 

We plan events in an ethical and sustainable way. If you're interested in ensuring your wedding or event exceeds your own expectations and those of your community, then yes we are the right planners for you.

If your venue came with a coordinator, that's fabulous! In our experience, a venue coordinator is responsible for overseeing the set-up, food and beverage, and logistics as it relates directly to the venue. An outside wedding planner will coordinate and manage ALL logistics and design details with your entire wedding team. As your wedding planner, we're with you from the beginning or a very least, two months prior.

A great wedding planner will not only make YOUR life easier and stress-free when it comes to planning your wedding but will also streamline and simplify the jobs of your entire vendor team (including your venue coordinator!). This allows each vendor to bring their A game to your wedding and results in wedding amazingness for all. Should there be an issue with one of your vendors, we've worked with you closely enough to make decisions on your behalf without disrupting your wedding experience. 

there's a lot you should know. 

What is the difference between you and a venue coordinator? 

Will you travel? 

YES, absolutely! 

We are wedding and event planners based in Portland, Maine but we will travel anywhere. With a decade of event management experience and design, we're happy to help you wherever you may want to celebrate. 


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