If you get stressed out by the holidays, you’re far from alone. Research has shown that the holidays can increase people’s emotional distress. A 2015 survey from medical-advice website Healthline found that 62% of people describe the holidays as “very” or “somewhat” stressful.

Much of this stress stems from the expectations we think others have of us at this time of year. “The reason people have stress is because most of us care too much about how we’re viewed by other people and carrying the extra burden of feeling responsible for somebody else’s happiness,” said Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills-based psychologist.

We help busy folks like you get the help you need this holiday season. We will plan your holiday parties, decorate your home, shop for your gifts, wrap presents, and even mail your holiday cards. Are you ready to say goodbye to the holiday stress and hello to peace of mind? Would you like to enjoy this holiday season rather than work it? Let us help you with that. 

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Are you finding it difficult to manage your household during COVID, teach your children at home, grocery shop, and attend that zoom meeting? And now you need to find a way to pull out that Christmas decor? Let us help you decorate your home for the holidays. 

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Do you need someone to shop locally for you? Don't have time to attend that swanky boutique down the road that you'd love to support? Need to find gifts for everyone and mail them out? We help with all of that. 

Holiday Shopping

"We worked along side Kayce Mae last year to create a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape for our guests. It was wonderful and warm, such a pleasure to know our guests were coming for an experience unlike anything else. She saved us time and energy, we loved it and our guests did too!"


Anya Watson

We create the magic we wish to see in the holiday season through cooking, decorating, and gifting. It's an experience that requires someone somewhere to do a whole lot of work to create magic for a loved one some where else. But what about you? Does it feel magical when you are pushed to the edge, stressed to the max? Not so much. 

Try something new this year, invest in peace of mind. Get back to enjoying that Macy's Day Parade, or cocoa by the tree with an old family favorite movie on - while we shop, decorate, and wrap all for you. 

One problem: A lack of time was reported to be the biggest source of stress during the holidays, followed by a lack of money, according to a 2006 study commissioned for the American Psychological Association. Moreover, this research suggested that women disproportionately endure stress during the holidays.

You've tried organizing your schedule in every which way, working in blocks, waking up early, staying up late, but there simply isn't enough you and enough hours in one day to get it all done. Maybe, you'd like to enjoy the holidays rather than work them for once? 

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